My Gear

Some of my favorite running gear/accessories:

Saucony Ride: I was fitted for this shoe at a running speciality store near my house in 2010. I have been running in the Ride (models 3-7) since then and have had no problems. I absolutely love this shoe and so thankful to have been loyal to it for 5 years!

Feetures: These socks are incredible. I have very sweaty feet (gross, I know) and these socks have never caused a problem for me. I have never gotten a blister, they never slide down on my feet, and they do not stretch out with excessive use/washing. And, they have a lifetime warranty so once you have completely worn a pair out, just mail it back and Feetures will send you a FREE replacement pair!

Garmin watches: I wear the Garmin Forerunner 10 for a GPS watch when I run. It is their most basic (and cheapest) style, but it has everything I need to know: distance, pace, total time, and calories burned. The watch is lightweight and waterproof so I am never worried about running in the rain. I wear the Garmin Vivofit everyday as an activity tracker (not specific to running); it tracks my total steps, mileage, calories burned, and reminds me when I need to move.

Zensah Compression Sleeves: I LOVE to wear these sleeves after a tough workout or race. I was always skeptical of runners who wore compression sleeves (how much difference could that really make?) but I am so glad I tried these! Sometimes if my legs are really bothering me, I will even sleep in them at night.

The Stick: This is one of those "hurts so good" kind of things. I love to use my massage stick after a hard workout, race, or long run. The gentle pain of the massage is worth it- I always feel better after working out some of the kinks in my sore muscles. This is a great recovery tool in addition to foam rolling.

Amphipod Handheld Waterbottle: This is my go-to waterbottle for long runs. It is comfortable with a handstrap so you don't have to "hold" it while you run. It also has a small pocket attached, perfect for holding gels, keys, and IDs. The waterbottle is dishwasher safe to make clean up easy.

Body Glide: Using this eliminates any body chafing I may have. I always wear it on my thighs when I run in shorts, and occasionally on my feet when I feel a blister coming on. It is not sticky or greasy, and doesn't come off when I sweat.

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