Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What I Did Over the Summer

It's been a while since I've posted here... starting a blog is hard work and during my summer vacation I took a lot of time to myself to just run, relax, and enjoy my time off from school but now I am ready to get serious about this blog.

This summer was a huge one for me in terms of running. I upped my mileage to 35-45 miles a week, ending with 55 miles during my preseason week of cross country. I ran two 5ks- and set two new 5k PRs of 21:12 and later, 21:02. Nebby and I ran a half marathon together for the Puppy Run virtual race- her longest run ever! I tried a Duathlon (relay) and ran 2 different legs of 2 miles while J biked 11 in between. It was SO much fun and we ended up placing as the 2nd female relay team. If you've never tried a relay event I definitely recommend it! It was so exciting to share the experience with someone else; handing off the timing chip, cheering for them as they complete their leg and also hearing them cheer for you during yours... so fun.

The main event of my summer was a sprint triathlon. A lot of my time, effort, and money went into multisport this summer. After a few sessions in the pool, I decided I wanted to get a swimming coach to help me get started. I just had four half-hour lessons and they were exactly what I needed. my coach corrected my swimming form and taught me some helpful techniques for distance swimming, as well as some strategies for building my endurance. From there I just practiced regularly and slowly built up to the 400m distance. I am certainly not a fast swimmer but it felt so much better to actually have some tools in my belt (including confidence) when it came to race day. Another huge investment for this race was Trixie. I splurged and finally bought myself a road bike. I had been using a hand-me-down bike that was very old and not comfortable in any way. After some smart shopping, I decided to buy a Trek Lexa C. Having my own, new bike that was fitted to ME made a drastic difference. I immediately felt more confident on the bike- no longer afraid to brake or turn- and also took considerable time off my mile splits. The bike was rather pricey for a college student, but I am so glad I decided to make that change and I know I will get my money's worth from Trixie.

The race went AMAZING. I went in feeling prepared, confident, and excited. I trained hard all summer- physically and mentally- and was totally prepared for anything race day could throw at me (except a flat tire... still need to learn how to fix those...). With my family there to support me, I shaved 22+ minutes off my previous Sprint time, finished 4th overall female, and took 2nd in my age group. I had an absolute blast that morning and I know that my confidence- from having the right bike, taking swim lessons, etc. really played a role in how much I enjoyed the event. I am totally in love with the sport of triathlon but right now I am focusing on collegiate running while I have the chance. I have the rest of my life to do triathlons and that makes me incredibly happy.
adventures in babysitting

Outside of running, I spent a lot of time with my family, babysitting, and eating ice cream. My mom is a teacher so she is also home during the summers and I really enjoyed having her around more often. I got into the habit of biking with her as she walks every morning, which is a time that I think we have both come to treasure. I babysit for my cousins (ages 7 and 2) often, even sleeping at their house and taking a few short trips with them. My summer job was babysitting for a neighbor-- which included a lot of trips to the park, rollerblading accidents, and pool days. J and I broke up in the beginning of July and it was hard on me-even though we both knew it was coming- but I didn't let myself slip away. I focused hard on my running and triathlon-ing, did small things that brought me joy, rekindled a few old friendships, and ate more ice cream than I probably should have ;)

School started last week, along with the official cross country season. Classes are great so far and I have FINALLY decided on a major, which makes everything so much easier. XC has been amazing- so many new friends who share my crazy passion for running. Stay tuned for more about some of our races and workouts this season!

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