Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I am back running after 8+ days off!! My track coach wanted each of us to take 1-2 weeks of complete rest to allow our bodies recover from the intensity of the season before starting summer conditioning for cross country. My legs were grateful for some time off and it was nice to finally stop feeling sore, but I sure did miss running. The day I was supposed to start running again, I ended up having strep throat (NOT fun) and was forced to take an extra two days off. I was disappointed for several reasons. First, being sick just sucks. My girlfriend had strep the week before so I knew I was at risk, but it's still no fun. Second, I missed the run. We were having gorgeous weather during my recovery week and I was so anxious to throw some shorts on and lace up for some sunny miles, but I used my will power and stuck to walking. Finally, I was nervous about my fitness level. I am no longer in racing season and won't be until late August, but it's still sad to watch those fast miles and PR times slip away. But, now is the time to build a strong base and get easy miles in to prepare myself for new PRs this fall during XC season.

My first run back after this week of recovery was short and sweet. It was my contribution to the Run With Your Dog Day Virtual 5k, hosted by Lea. It was raining, windy, and incredibly humid but we didn't mind. I was just so glad to be back running, and especially to be participating in such a fun virtual event with Nebby.

Run with you Dog Day Virtual 5k- in the rain!
I took the next day off because my quads and glutes were literally sore (hello! that's been a while) from the short run on Monday. Wednesday I was back at it with a nice 5 mile run (41:58) that felt decent. I met with my coach that morning to work out my summer running plan; we decided that I'll be starting at ~40 mile/week and work my way up safely throughout the summer. With a triathlon scheduled for July, he also told me that it is okay if my running mileage falls since I will be logging activities from biking and swimming as well. I also snagged a cheap running shirt from him that was leftover from last season, which I wore on my 6 mile run the next morning.

Thursday's run-- wearing my new Bluejays XC shirt
Thursdays run was tough. I was reminded of how difficult running can be and was so upset by how out-of-shape I felt after just a week+ off. I had to stop a few times for a side stitch and my ankle/hip were killing me when I finished. I babysat the rest of the day, and was practically limping to the park with my nugget because my right leg was in such pain. I took a hot Epsom salt bath that night and let my body rest Friday.

On Saturday, J and I decided to go fishing because the weather (mainly: the wind) looked better than it had been. Some of my favorite trails are right near our fishing lake, so of course I asked her if I could run while we were over there. 8.3 miles of pouring rain but holy cow, it was beautiful. I had to stop a few times around miles 3-4 for a side stitch and my pace was incredibly slow compared to what I usually run, but it felt great. My longest run since before track season and longest trail run ever!
8.3 rainy miles on the trails before fishing
This week, I am feeling much better. I ran 6 miles (3 with each dog) yesterday and 5 today. My hip and ankle feel good; I have been icing them after runs and they feel fine. I am focusing on adjusting to the heat and humidity we are having lately. My paces are slow and my body feels tired, but I am certain this is more to do with than weather than anything else. My fitness is slowly coming back and summer training for XC season is in full swing!

Sunday Runday- 3 miles with each pup

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